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The Garlic, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Posted by noirgarcon on December 11, 2011 at 9:05 PM

Desperate for a short day trip, we embark out to  New Smyrna Beach, Florida to check out a restaurant recommended by a friend who travels abroad from Budapest Hungary, back to the United States. The restaurants name, simply, The Garlic.

We arrived at the beach house and took about a two mile hike to our destination, The garlic.  Upon arrival we see in the courtyard wild herbs growing and a lovely walk path into The Garlic.


On the left there is a brick oven around 260 celsius(500 fahrenheit). Everywhere there was fresh garlic! The outside seating is absoultely gorgeous. Lovely plants and trees surrounding you give you the feeling that you're one with nature as you are eating while being lit with lights wrapped around the trees.

Complimentary baguettes were given, with a side of flavourful roasted garlic. Also brought out was side salads. I must say that the side salads were not that great, but the tomatoes were absolutely dcelicious. As I bit into it, I entered into flavour country. Juicy and sweet was the sensation.


There was ordered the appetizer Calamari. The combination of the jalapeno, lemon, and marinara sauce made the calamari extraordinary.

Also ordered was the Chicken Roulade. Quite an extraordinary dish I will say. The fresh herds, mixed with the breaded chicken stuffed with goat cheese and the linguini and puttanesca sauce was out of this world. No regrets with that meal. 

Ravioli Bolognaise was also ordered. I made a shoop in to see how it tastes. I'd have to say this dish had a well balanced set of flavour. The blend of cheeses made it a very filling and appetizing meal. And if you're a person that likes a moderate amount of spice, this is the dish for you! Cooked to perfection!

Next up on the taste test was the Pasta Pomodoro. If you're digging fresh vegetables and herds and linguini you might wanna check it out.  Once again the freshness of the vegetables and herds was not to be compared. Slap in a side of meatballs and you've made yourself a very fresh filling dish. 

Overall, I'd have to say this place is bloody well excellent! The delicious food along with the sexy relaxed aura makes it a great place to come out with your girlfriend or spouse, or if you are just feeling like having a delicious meal with some wine in the summer timeeee. None the less if you're in the New Smyrna Beach area and looking to check out some good food just pop in. Oh and don't mind the one armed opera singer that just might come to your table a put on a small concert for you. Thanks for reading and I'm off to the next adventure! Cheers!

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